Pray with The Soucys

Greetings from Guatemala. We are Kathleen and Bruno Soucy, global field staff for Latin America and the Caribbean. We are privileged to be serving CBM’s partners and supporting staff in Guatemala, El Salvador, Bolivia, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

We are sharing with you today during this time of tremendous conflict and human suffering in so many parts of the world. Here in Guatemala, the concerns of the people are focused on the threat of losing their democratic rights. In neighbouring El Salvador, 17 months of martial law has removed all rights for over 70,000 gang members who are now incarcerated along with many innocent people, creating both more secure neighbourhoods and some tension as people’s lives come under scrutiny as they attend church, go to school and simply live in their homes.

It is in this context that we see the church not just responding to the needs but also proactively engaging with the communities around them. We thank God for empowering the church to share the gospel and to engage in ministry to bring hope and healing in the midst of brokenness.

CBM’s church partners are helping families to improve their economic situation through small chicken farms, making artisanal chocolate for sale in local markets, and through sewing classes to develop tailoring skills that can be used in a home business. Other church initiatives have been to take the lead in caring for creation to be stewards of God’s creation. Please pray that this will inspire people to take action.

People are very enthusiastic about sharing their faith and evangelizing, but beyond seeing souls saved, they can lack a longer-term vision for discipleship. As our partner churches come together to learn from one another and to benefit from the partnership, I pray that God will strengthen and empower leaders to grow healthy disciples and healthy churches.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • For peaceful resolution of political tensions and transition to the new government in Guatemala.
  • For CBM Partners and their leaders as they navigate a challenging environment in El Salvador, being salt and light.
  • For clear vision as we work towards collaboration with partners in the region.
  • We thank God for CBM staff in the region. Please pray for;
    • Kathryn Scott, as she waits on the necessary visa to make the move to the Dominican Republic and begin to work with our partner there.
    • Tim and Kallie Hutton in Bolivia are supporting CBM initiatives alongside new leadership.
    • Bill and Janice Dyck, as Bill continues to pour into the lives of pastors through pastor mentoring and provide direction for theological education in the region.
    • Byron Valesquez, as he supports SENT in Guatemala and El Salvador, provides connections for our partners locally and in Canada to learn from one another.
    • For us, Bruno and Kathleen, to be attentive to the Holy Spirit in all of our interactions.

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