Dear Lord,

I thank you for blessing us so much. Since the beginning of the pandemic the believers and the seekers are more engaged in our congregation than ever before. You have strengthened our sense of community and the interest in and care for each other. I am thrilled to see how you will continue to teach the believers among us to give their lives fully unto you. And I am looking forward to see how you continue to work internally in the hearts and minds of the seekers.

I pray for the start of the new semester. We plan to host a welcome project for new Chinese students in the city in the days to come. I pray that you bless every Chinese student that will join us. I pray that you give us believers more love and passion, so that we are able and willing to care about the newcomers and receive them into our congregation. I also ask you to bless all of our people that struggle with mental problems. Bless them with your hope and peace.

Lord, you see that our mission partners in Hong Kong, Canada and Switzerland haven’t been able to send mission teams to Marburg this year like they used to in recent years. I am thankful that you called people from so many different churches to be so interested in the work you are doing here in Marburg among Chinese people. God, please keep their passion and willingness to serve after the pandemic, so that they will come here again and serve you.

I also want to pray for CBM Field Staff all over the world. Please keep them safe and healthy during these uncertain times and let their souls find rest and peace in you. Please bless them and all our supporters in Canada.

I thank you Lord, that you have led me into a new and different way of living. I thank you for letting my partner and me serve you as couple from now on. I pray that you bless our time of preparation for the wedding, so that we can have our civil wedding on November 6th. We also look forward to receiving your blessing for our marriage during our church wedding on December 12th. God, please show us the way. Give us the vision that you have for our lives.

Thank you Lord.


Xioadan Gang

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