Cyclone Idai is continuing to cause devastation across southern Africa, with Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi badly affected. Most roads are cut off and the rain is continuing to fall. Further flooding is expected as dams upstream are reaching their capacity. The situation in Mozambique is predicted to get worse as the days progress. CBM partner, the Baptist Convention of Mozambique, has formed an emergency response team, but this magnitude is significantly beyond what they have responded to before. Please pray for the safety of the first responders on the scene and for the people of Mozambique to experience peace and safety during this distressing time. Pray also for the resources needed to be donated to cause. CBM, as a member of the Baptist Forum for Aid and Development (BFAD), is in contact with our global networks. If you want to donate you can do so by phone at 1-905-821-3533 or online by entering your amount below.