The Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Beirut, Lebanon, equips leaders for ministry in the Middle East and North Africa. The ABTS, which welcomes students from around the world, has been offering theological training and leadership formation for about 60 years. Please pray that the students who attend the ABTS would be strengthened, equipped and encouraged to serve in their local churches and ministries – especially as some return home to areas where there is instability and unrest. In a recent update, the ABTS shared the following prayer requests from graduates:

2018 Online Graduate from Yemen: Please pray that the war would end in my country, Yemen, and peace would prevail. Pray that all Yemenis, regardless of their political or religious affiliations, would sit together at the same table to negotiate. Pray that God’s church would be a lighthouse that shines on all Yemenis. Pray that He may use me in His Yemeni church and that He might grant me the needed strength, wisdom, love and blessing for that purpose. Pray that my family might believe in Christ; He is able to do all things.

2018 Online Graduate from Morocco: Please pray that I might apply all that I learned through the ABTS online courses throughout the past two years, and pray that I might have the opportunity to study more in the future. 

2014 Bachelor of Theology Graduate from Algeria: I ask you to pray that the Lord would continue to use my ministry in Algeria. I am a local missionary, and I lead discipleship schools that are run by my local church (located in a Berber area).

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