Dear Heavenly Father, 

As restrictions ease and our region emerges out of isolation, churches are now being given permission to slowly reopenLiving in this new normal, it is unlikely life will return to how we once knew it. As churches now grapple with the challenges of reopening their physical doors, they also must learn to adapt to the longer lasting changes COVID has brought. Church culture and ministry expectations have perhaps been altered indefinitely. The way in which we have always worshipped and the complications of now keeping our members safe when coming to church makes reopening real challenge. 

My prayer today is for the churches in our region as they prepare to reopen their doors.

Lord, we thank you for how you have continued to use your church amid this season of crisis. No sickness, plague or opposition can put out the light of Your church in this nation or around the globe. Despite physical buildings being shuttered, your church is still very much alive and activeWe are grateful that the church has continued to preach the gospel in this season across livestreams, Facebook feeds, Zoom calls and various other platforms throughout the world.  

We thank you Heavenly Father for the creativity that has been birthed out this season of isolationWe rejoice for the lives that have been eternally impacted through these avenues of creative communication. We ask that you continue to empower the church to learn, grow and adapt in these changing times. Please give wisdom to our church leaders as they prepare to reopen their doorand please guide them in the practical decisions that must be made in preparation for this.  

We pray as people return, that generosity would flourish May churches not only have enough for their present needsbut may they have enough supply to continue to support both their local and global missions. As churches reopen may those who have been touched by online ministry in this season find their way into deeper Christian communityMay each church continue to be the loving hands and feet of Christ in their local communities and the greater world.

In Jesus’s name we pray, Amen. 

Sonya Tetley