CBM Strategic Associates Dan and Melody Grove work with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Cameroon. The Groves have been working with a team that consists of both international missionaries and local members to develop literacy programs and translate the New Testament into each local language.

The Groves recently shared the following prayer requests:

  • Pray for the preparation of the Chrambo New Testament for typesetting. This involves a lot of reading through the text. Pray for alert minds. The current plan is to do typesetting in August, after which the text will go to the printer.
  • Pray for the Bamunka New Testament translation, so the local community can access the “Luke” film in their language.
  • Pray that the translated Scriptures will go out in each of the villages and that lives will be changed as people come to know God.
  • Pray for safety for us and those with whom we work.
  • Pray for our children, Caleb and Courtney, who are returning to Canada. Pray that they would adjust to life back in Canada as they determine what their next steps will be.