Last week, CBM partners from across Africa gathered in Nairobi for the Africa Leadership Exchange (ALE) program. Together they are working to enhance leadership and governance. Please pray for the ALE and for each of our partners. Requests for prayers shared at the ALE include:

  • The easing of tensions between Rwanda and Uganda. The current dispute has halted movement across the land borders of these two neighboring countries and political rhetoric seems to be escalating fear and concern especially for those living in border communities. Pray for CBM’s church partners and staff in both countries. 
  • The current Ebola outbreak in the North Kivu area of the Democratic Republic of Congo has now exceeded 1,000 cases, as tensions between local communities and government and international agencies strain. Pray for our partner church working on the front lines of this crisis.
  • CBM’s church partner in Kenya, the African Christian Churches and Schools, give praise to God for the twelve new congregations planted in the past two years.  Please join us in praying for the denomination which has a shortage of trained pastors. 
  • The fragile peace agreement signed last September in South Sudan has failed to protect the population still living under insecurity and violence. Please join us in upholding our church partner, as they continue to faithfully minister in these challenging circumstances.