Lord Jesus we thank you that even though we are going through a time in which the world is experiencing a global pandemic, political instability at all levels, and general economic uncertainty, we can approach you with the assurance that you already know all the details and are in control. We can know that nothing will defeat us, that nothing can separate us from your love, and that even when words fail us in times of personal weakness, your Holy Spirit will understand our struggles and communicate our deepest concerns to you.  


It is with that assurance and faith that we bring before you the concerns of Latin America and more specifically Bolivia, a region and country we serve and have come to love in recent years. We pray for economies facing deep recession, for the majority of Bolivians who rely on daily wages but have had little or no work for the last six months. We pray for political stability as candidates campaign for upcoming elections on October 18th. We pray for fair elections, for protection as people vote in the middle of the pandemic, for leaders to put the health and good of all citizens ahead of personal gain, that truth would be known and would prevail in the campaigns, and that your will be done through the will of the people. We pray for relief from the spread of the Corona virus, for wisdom of national leaders and compliance of the people with good health measures. We pray for frontline workers like doctors, nurses, police, the military, providers of transportation. We pray for pastors who cannot help but still serve – who step in the gaps left by government services, who continue to minister even when they have no income, who are giving their lives in the service of others.   


We pray for the vulnerable—seniors with pre-existing conditions and low incomes. We pray especially for families with children to feed—children who do not understand when there is no bread. We pray for the children’s education as teachers are going door-to-door, with whiteboards, trying to keep the children from losing the entire year. We pray for safety for those delivering services, like education, food hampers, water. We pray for households where women and children are more at risk of abuse. 


Lord we know that these problems are not limited to Latin America. We are all too aware of the perfect storm hitting Lebanon but also of the compassionate response of your people there, and of the generous response of Canadian Baptists to this international concern. We pray for India where the number of cases is growing rapidly. We pray for Africa, that you will protect and prepare.  


Lord we know that the crises facing the world right now also affect each one of us personally. We have come to Canada earlier in the year than we would have expected to. We are having to adapt by working from home. We are concerned about every possible symptom of COVID-19. 


In all things we continue to see your grace. Thank you for the gracious, generous support of our donors. Thank you for notes and prayers. Thank you for help with visas and travel at opportune times. Thank you for technology that has enabled us to continue ministry and, in some cases, grow. Thank you for health. Thank you that in all circumstances we have the assurance of your presence and your love. Lord Jesus, Father God, Holy Spirit, work in us and through us, to be your instruments of peace. Amen.

The Dycks.