Gracious God, we offer you praise for …

… the assurance of your presence

… the companionship of your spirit

… the vision of your kingdom

… the goodness of your intent

… and the assignments you have given to each of us to bring shalom to our world.

We confess that …

… our attempts on your behalf are woefully inadequate

… our attitudes towards others have tended to serve our own insecurities

… our aspirations are tainted with self-interest

… and our actions are measured by the degree of inconvenience to ourselves.

We therefore claim …

… the forgiveness you offer to bring together the unreconciled. For our brothers and sisters in the Congo with whom Rev. Gato is working, we celebrate their commitment to reunification.

We claim the promise that you will feed those who are hungry both through your miraculous ways and through us, your servants. For our brothers and sisters in Rwanda, Kenya, the DR Congo, and South Sudan, we celebrate the resources of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and the generosity of the Canadian Baptist constituency.

We claim the goodness of your people. For the leadership of our church partners in Africa, those you have called and gifted, we celebrate their selfless service in times of crisis. For the leadership of the Africa Christian Church & Schools, we particularly honour their collaborative initiatives with the Kenyan Inter-Faith Council.

And we claim the hope of the resurrection. For each one who has lost loved ones during these past months both in Canada and abroad, we rest in the knowledge that we are a people who move from life to life with the assurance of wholeness restored.

In the name of Christ, the One who authored and fulfilled Easter’s glory, we pray,


Carla Nelson