Heavenly Father, my God,

It is with a humble heart that I come before you to offer my prayer.

Dear Father, you are the one who provides and restores peace among your people and creation.

Today, I acknowledge that conflict among people is a reality.

Violence is happening in different places in the world, children are engaged in war, women are being assaulted, many are becoming refugees both within and out of their own countries.

War within and between countries is a reality. People are killed. Properties are destroyed. And we are seeing the consequences of these in poverty, widows and traumatized people. The circle of violence continues.

Dear Father, we, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are also facing the same situation of violence and conflicts among tribes. Church leaders and Christians are not exempt.

I bring before you my ministry – to help bring healing and reconciliation to a Baptist denomination in the DRC – Community of Baptist Churches in Eastern Congo (CEBCE) – after 21 years of division among brothers and sisters in Christ.

By your grace and through the willingness of the leaders, this denomination is coming together.

Dear God, I pray that the fragile reunification becomes a reality and that reconciliation among tribes strengthens. I pray for the leadership to become stronger and more accountable and for women and youth to participate in the process of reconciliation. Open doors for all churches to partake in reunification.

Dear God, I ask you to make me strong in all that I do. Lead me as I teach to different target groups. Use the twelve peacebuilding modules we developed as a tool of reunification.

God, I also ask for more facilitators who will be able to influence others in word and deed in promoting peace in the CEBCE, the surrounding community and in the country where violence still prevails.

Oh God, let people in CEBCE and in the world recognize one humanity in which all lives are precious and worthy to be loved.

Oh dear God, let us remove the land mines in our hearts which prevent us from making peace. Let us overcome greed with generosity. Let us overcome hatred with love and kindness. And let us overcome delusion with wisdom.

Dear God, I pray for CBM and its partners so that, with the burden it has for the restoration of the broken world, you may give us the means and people for fulfilling its mission.  Give strength, vision and wisdom to its leaders so that they will be able to fulfill whatever may give shalom to your people around the world.

I pray for my partners who generously support my work of peacebuilding and reconciliation.

Oh dear God, I pray for my family, my wife and children for their good spiritual, physical and social health and for my children to be able to finish their studies and be prepared for their future.

I also pray for the end of this COVID-19 and for peace in my country and all the world,

In Jesus Christ, I pray,


Gato Munyamasoko