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BY CP Raju | September 20, 2022 | min read

BY CP Raju|September 20, 2022

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“ Do not let your heart be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me.” John 14:1
We praise God for His assurance, protection, and blessings amidst the difficult and adverse situations. As the Covid infections reduced, I could make visits to all the partners as usual, and I could see full swing of activities taking place in all the projects.

Ministry Trips and Visits

Exposure Visit to Assam and Nagaland
An exposure visit had been organized for partners from 12-17 January 2022. The partners from SBCMS, UBCA, CRBC, BCM and ABC participated. All the partners witnessed the programs run by Alempang Baptist Church at Assam and Nagaland states in India. Exposure trip gave an opportunity to experience new venues to the partners. The participants got to know each other and interacted with each on the programs they are running and exchanged ideas for betterment of the programs.

Alcoholic Rehabilitation of Transformation
The participants witnessed the transformation taking place at Mokokchung and the initiation of Alempang Baptist Church in rehabilitation of the youth addicted to alcohol. Meeting was organized at Ebenezer Hall with the youth who were once alcoholic and now completely transformed and doing some income generation activities for their livelihood. The youth shared their experiences with the Participants from SBCMS, UBCA, CRBC, BCM.

Empowerment of Mising Tribe

Field visits have been arranged during the exposure visits and the participants from all the partners witnessed the units i.e., Computer, Beautician, Tailoring, Motor, and bicycle repairing etc., run by the youth after completion of the training.

Faith and Work Program (Vennture)(MITA):
The unemployed youth who were trained in Food processing procedures are continuing their MITA program. Now their product is going to different cities and towns, and they are also doing business online. They have expanded business and started Outlet, Special sales day and also vehicles service center on their own. The participants from SBCMS, UBCA, CRBC, BCM witnessed all these activities and appreciated the youth and the church for their dedication and service to the community.

Visit to Clark Theological College 
The Poultry rearing unit of the college which is providing scholarships to the poor students is going on as envisioned. This year they had a plan to start Piggery unit and it got delayed due to Swine flu in that region. This year they are planning to support five students from the profits earned on poultry unit. Held discussions with the staff and the principal of the college on the ongoing sustainability program , paid visit to the poultry unit and visited the place where the piggery unit they are going to establish.

Baptist Church of Mizoram
This year we had a new partnership with Baptist Church of Mizoram, and they started Sustainable Community Development through Education and Support program. Under this program five girls are undergoing Beautician training program; three boys are undergoing electrical wiremen program and five are undergoing computer training program. I have visited the beautician training institute and all the girls are doing well.

Soura Baptist Literacy Program: Tutoring
I paid visits to the tutoring centers and monitored the program. The students are getting benefitted by the program and almost all the
students are pursuing higher studies in the towns. Many students who are attending the centers are able to compete with the town
students and securing seats in Government Residential Schools and Central schools.

Empowerment of Soura Widows
The empowerment of Soura Widows program is going on well. This year another 40 widows had got enrolled in this program and till now 320 widows received financial assistance to start businesses like petty shops, vegetable vending, poultry, goats rearing, cows rearing, selling of seasonal forest products etc. More than 90% could send their children to schools, renovate houses, meet the health needs and save some money for the future. During my recent visits, I met some widows and encouraged them and prayed for them.

Income Generation and Sustainability Program
All together 20 goat rearing units were established in twenty areas of SBCMS and all the units are running well. Within the three years 197 goats were distributed and now they have 311 goats. The money that they are going to get from these goat rearing units, are going to be used for the future sustenance of the programs.

Inauguration of main entrance gate
The SBCMS constructed several buildings including the compound wall. The main entrance gate was constructed, and I had an opportunity to inaugurate the main entrance gate on 31st March 2022.

Empowerment of Youth
The partnership with the UBCA for Empowerment of youth program has come to an end during the year 2021. Many students secured jobs in private and public sector after completion of one year PGDCA. The UBCA has been continuing the computer centers and Tutoring centers on its own for the upliftment of the students in the villages of UBCA.

Tutoring center at Marlaba
Partner Capacity Building and Sustainability program UBCA: The UBCA is running two sheep rearing units at Neelakanthapuram near Parlakhemundi and these units are running well. During this year they have purchased additional 23 sheep and at present they have 86 sheep. The intention was to continue the ongoing program with the money they earned from the Sheep rearing unit UBCA
sheep rearing unit.

Centenary Celebrations of UBCA
I had a privilege to attend UBCA centenary celebrations held on 19th February at Parlakhemundi. The pioneers in formation of the UBCA are the missionaries from CBM, Canada. I joined with the people gathered on this occasion and conveyed greetings on the occasion.

Centenary Celebrations of Baptist Church, Rayagada
I had an opportunity to participate in the centenary celebrations held on 19 March 2022 and to unveil the tablet prepared on the occasion
of 100 years celebrations. This is the third Church which was established by the UBCA. Missionaries from CBM, Canada were instrumental in spreading the good news in this region.

Elims Compassion Ministry
Women, Youth and Children Development Program
The computer training program, tutoring program and Buffalo’s rearing programs are running well. Two girls secured good jobs in Wipro and Tata Consultancy. Apart from these programs the ECM had started spoken classes to the students as the students are very poor in speaking English. They have provided financial assistance from their own resource to six poor women to start small snacks shops, twelve women for starting rental business of utensils, chairs, tables and tents for marriages, functions and ten women for starting group activity like clothes selling (sarees, dresses etc.) Buffalo rearing unit-ECM

I had a meeting with all these beneficiaries on 27 March 2022 and their confidence was

Partners Workshop

Workshop was organized at the Baptist Church of Mizoram office conference hall on 21 April 2022. Nearly 30 youth from the surrounding churches and office staff of the BCM attended the workshop and understood the concept of Integral Mission. The participants were divided into groups to identify the problems in their areas and to find out the root causes. All the groups presented their
findings, and it was a successful meet.

INDIA on 19th May 2022 on Integral Mission. Nearly 40 youth, Pastor and church leaders attended the workshop and understood the concept of Integral Mission. The participants identified the problems in their area and the root cause for it.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the control of virus.
  • Pray for the partners meet and workshops going to be held in the next six months.
  • Pray for my safety and health during partners’ visits.
  • Pray for future sustenance of the ongoing programs.
  • Pray for the youth who lost their jobs during the Covid-19.
  • Pray for the churches in India and the partners to proclaim the good news through WORD and
    Senior-Program Co-ordinator

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