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CBM’s camp educational mission resource gives campers the opportunity to learn about and engage in meaningful discussions about global social issues such as poverty and justice through games, fun activities and crafts and how to respond through God’s love.


Why are we supporting our partner in the Dominican Republic?

Here at CBM, we are walking alongside our partner IBAREDO as they serve and represent Jesus to their communities. One of the ways we are partnering with them is through a program for children and youth, where they are being taught skills such as learning English, learning to play musical instruments, hair dressing and getting help with their homework. This ministry also involves Bible studies and provides support for kids to go to summer camp that takes place in July or August, where children from all the different regions gather together to fellowship, participate in fun activities and grow in their faith.

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Teaching Guide: START HERE

Teaching Guide

This is a guideline of facts about the Dominican Republic, information about the Kids at Risk project, and details about all the resources created. There are also sample lessons to provide ideas of how to use this curriculum with your group and help make your session fun, interactive, and informative.

Cabin Devotional

Cabin Devotional

One cabin devotion is provided to encourage your campers to continue to be talking about and praying for our friends in the Dominican Republic.

Welcome to the DR!

Global Field Staff Kathryn Scott shares fun facts about the DR and CBM’s partner projects.

Impact Stories

Global Field Staff Kathryn Scott shares two stories of the impact of programs in the DR.

DR General Slide

Kathryn Scott Prayer Card


Word Search & Colouring Page PDF

Share this classic word search & colouring page activity with your campers.


Favourite Games in the Dominican Republic

With these fun games and activities your campers will be having fun and building their knowledge.

Trivia Resources

2024 Camp Resources:

Trivia Guide

CBM’s “Camp Resource” includes a trivia game that can be used with your campers. This is to be a fun way of teaching and reviewing the information learned about the country and project being supported that year. There are endless possibilities of how you could use these trivia questions.

2024 Camp Resources:

Trivia Game PPTX File

2024 Camp Resources:

Trivia Game PDF File

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