Ruth Munyao

Serving in Kenya

Ruth serves with CBM as Senior Food Security Specialist in Africa, with specific reference to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan. She is Kenyan and brings her expertise in community development, program design, monitoring and evaluation as well as commitment to integral mission, and deep faith in God’s grace to the role. Prior to joining CBM in 2008, Ruth worked with a number of international and local NGOs where she gained extensive experience in development work as both a staff member and consultant.

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Ruth Munyao

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Please join us in praying for Ruth Munyao who serves as CBM Field Staff based in Kenya. Ruth manages our Food Security program in Africa, ensuring that best practices are modeled and implemented. She also oversees capacity-building activities for food security staff. Please pray for Ruth and the team as they seek to implement sustainable farming practices and other interventions throughout Africa. Ruth requests prayer for the following:  Pray for peace in Kenya and the whole of Africa  Pray for adequate rains and for the farming community as they try to adapt to the harsh climate  Pray that my family will


Field Staff in Kenya

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Please join us in praying for CBM Field Staff Ruth Munyao, who is based in Kenya. In her role, Ruth manages CBM’s food security program in Africa and ensures that best practices are modeled. Please pray that God would give Ruth wisdom and grace as she supports food security staff and seeks to implement sustainable farming practices that would help impoverished communities to better meet the needs of their families. Ruth also shared the following prayer requests:  Pray for peace in Kenya and the whole of Africa  Pray for adequate rains and for the farming community as they try to adapt to the harsh climate Pray that


The Ten Seed Technique

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At the end of September, 2016, we held a training with the African Christian Church & Schools (ACC&S) field staff who work with the Embu food security project, Kenya. The staff had challenges in data collection in the communities. The Ten Seed Technique is a simple participatory data collection tool which was introduced by Ravi Jayakaran, from World Vision, China in the mid 90’s. This technique uses 10 local seeds for the exercise and is useful in gathering qualitative information on various issues, especially related to the perceptions of the community and the way people see themselves in relation


Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) Concept

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Africa is experiencing negative social, economic and environmental impacts of climate change and environmental degradation as over 70% of the natural disasters are related to extreme weather and climate. Tens of thousands of hectares of farmlands in Africa have been so degraded that they no longer produce adequate or regular crops or can be used as pasture. For instance, 70% or more of Kenya’s population are subsistence farmers relying on this degraded resource base for their food and livelihoods, this has contributed to the dwindling food security situation. In order to address this, farmers need cost effective


The Pigeon Pea Story

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The pigeon pea crop is a drought tolerant leguminous shrub that is planted by farmers as a green manure/cover crop and most importantly for home consumption. CBM in partnership with CFGB and the African Christian Church & Schools (ACC&S) runs a food security project in Embu, Kenya. Figure 3: Pigeon Pea at flowering stage, Embu. The project has trained 600 farmers and facilitated them with seeds to plant pigeon peas crop for the first time in the area. Farmers like Patrick and his wife narrate how through the pigeon peas harvest and consumption, their protein diet has

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