Photo of Director, Canadian Partnerships Adrian Gardner

At Christmas, churches around the world celebrate God’s gift to us – the Word becomes flesh. This Christmas, CBM wants to help your church community offer this gift of hope to others through our local church partners around the world.

As the world emerges from the global COVID-19 pandemic and faces new difficulties such as food insecurity, inflation and changing weather patterns, we are reminded that we live in a broken world. Yet as Christians, we have the privilege of sharing the hope we have in Jesus. You may have wondered what you and your church can do or how you can respond to the growing needs around the world. Our local church partners have identified what needs are present in their areas and what projects can be done to help. Through Shared Hopeful Gifts, your church can choose a project and give a gift that is “just right” – exactly what, and where it is needed most. 

Through Shared Hopeful Gifts 2022, your whole congregation can come together in mission and join with churches across Canada to make a significant impact in the lives of the most vulnerable around the world, and witness to your local community concerning what it looks like to love like Jesus. 

CBM is providing resources to help your church with this:

  • First, we’ll provide you with a Church web page that will help explain your project and can collect donations for it. We will build this for you, and you can also customize it, if you wish. We at CBM will look after all of the logistics and details for you: donation processing, tracking, and charitable receipts. The website even makes it easy for individuals in your church to promote your project on their own, with a Peer-to-Peer Option. 
  • Second, we’ll provide two videos that you can use during online or in-person services. One of these will be an overview of your project and the other will tell a story of its personal impact. 
  • Third, we’ll provide Printable Bulletin Inserts focused on your project. 
  • We’ll even provide related Advent Readings. 

All of these resources will be available for you by November 1st to make it as easy as possible for your church to plan to be involved. 

Thank you for considering joining Shared Hopeful Gifts 2022 as we embrace a broken world in word and deed. Together, we can give a gift of hope.