A middle-aged couple who are owners of a Chinese restaurant have been living in Germany for several decades. Due to conflicting business hours, they couldn’t attend weekend church gatherings. Their lives were busy, lonely, boring and tiring. The wife, Jennifer (name has been changed) suffered from years of depression and illness. She tried to seek help from other religions and psychics, yet she remained worried and emotionally drained – like a big rock was weighing her down. By coincidence, she began listening to the gospel through the radio until Jennifer had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and tears came streaming down her cheeks. Several years of listening to gospel radio was worthwhile. Her reverence and love for God grew, and she was even willing to remove all idols from her house and at the restaurant.

The Lams visited Jennifer and led her to pray to commit her life to Christ. “The Spirit guided God’s people to Him, as the Lord is faithful and everlasting. He blessed this sister in Christ with peace and joy beyond anything she experienced before,” the Lams shared. “Life changing experiences are the strongest testimony to God’s truthfulness and power!” When her husband, John (name has been changed) witnessed the change in his wife, it directly impacted his beliefs. When the Lams visited in the past, John would find excuses to leave. Now, he stays, spends time in fellowship with the Lams and would even cook for them! Within a few months, under the encouragement of a SENT team, John surrendered his life to Christ. He said, “I noticed the change in my wife, and the peace in her after she believed in Christ. I’ve never heard her speak so gently to her father over the phone! I went to a Christian school before, so I am familiar with Jesus’ story. It is said that He’s the Lord of life, and I truly understand it now.” Those with the Lord in their lives are genuinely influential – Jennifer has even led her father in mainland China to Christ. Even her friends who are atheists said, “She is truly a faithful Christian!” The resources in Germany are limited, but God’s work is beyond environmental constraints. Gently, our heavenly Father led this family to Him. He wants to bring true light to the troubled and those with a heavy burden so they can have peace in Him!