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At least two-thirds of uneducated children in the world today are girls. There are many reasons why, but one of the biggest is extreme poverty. Improve access to quality education for girls around the world. Make investing in her potential a priority. It’s an opportunity to lend your voice – and your support – in a very real and tangible way, to give girls an opportunity to develop to their full, God-given potential.

How does this campaign work?
Order customized bulletin inserts printed with your church’s name to highlight your church’s participation, a beautiful bulletin cover, a sermon outline, and a complete order of service with suggested prayers and music for both contemporary and traditional formats, to assist you in your promotion and fundraising. A DVD can also be ordered to help your church highlight the important issue of girls’ education, in order to take up a special offering.

She Matters took the first crucial step, improving access to education for girls like Lina in India, giving her a good start in life. At 15 years of age, Lina thought she would never be able to go to school. Her family was too poor and she needed to help work in the fields. And her village was poor and remote, lacking basic services such as schools. She Matters helped Lina to access literacy classes, offered in the evenings by CBM’s church partner. She discovered the joy of reading and writing and was encouraged to continue to study. Today Lina dreams of one day becoming a high school graduate.

My name is Jeanette

I am eight years old. I lost my mom to AIDS. I was relieved when my sister came home to take care of me. Even my brother returned home. He had run away and was living on the streets ever since he had to drop out of school when mom could no longer afford the fees. But we are excited that Guardians of Hope will help us to go to school. I can hardly wait! Over 20 percent of children in Rwanda are orphans due to the tragic, compounding effects of the Genocide, HIV and AIDS and extreme poverty. Many

My name is Lina.

I am 15 years old and live in a small village of 50 people. We do not have a school so I work in the fields and take care of the goats. But I am happy that I can now go to literacy classes at night. I love to write words and practice using Bible verses. I think it’s important for girls to learn. I want to be able to read and understand the Bible. At least two-thirds of uneducated children in the world today are girls.There are many reasons why, but one of the biggest is extreme poverty. Families struggling to

My name is Sonia.

I am 10 years old. I used to work after school every day, selling roasted maize and so drinks on the streets, to help earn money for the family.  It was never enough and we had li le food at home. Mom and dad often fought and let me to take care of my siblings to go to the bar. But I am so happy to get food and help with my homework and other problems at Jireh. I now only have to work on weekends. At least two-thirds of uneducated children in the world today are girls. There are many

She Matters. And so do you. CBM extends a special invitation to you and your church to join together with Canadian Baptist churches across the country in a significant campaign of hope.

She Matters

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