Coming Soon

A Prerecorded Online Service for Your Church

The service, “Solidarity Sunday: That We, May Be One”, call us to remember that the global pandemic is ongoing and continues to disproportionally affect people living in poverty in the Global South. We hear updates from and take time to pray for our partners in Bolivia, India, the Philippines, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are led in worship by Lewisville Worship and hear a message of unity from Dr. Darrell Johnson.

There are two ways that your church can participate:

1 – Full Online Service. 

If you are meeting online, you can use the entire service and offer a break to your regular volunteers.

2 – Five-Minute Update Video.

If your church is meeting in-person, we will offer a stand alone video of the updates from our partners.  We invite you to show this and take time as a congregation to pray for our world.

The full service will also be streamed through CBM’s Facebook and YouTube channels on April 11th at 7pm EDT.  All of the resources will be available to download through our Build Your Own Sunday page by March 26th.