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Spring Appeal

May 2023

 Over the years, your continued support has transformed the lives of vulnerable children in our broken world through our global partners. Without you, these ministries would not take place. 

I recently visited our partners in Bolivia and was inspired by their attentive care for kids. Children with one or both parents in jail often suffer neglect, those living in poverty have minimal access to food and basic needs, and those suffering abuse are continually exposed to multiple dangers including exploitation.

At the Casa de la Amistad, Claudia’s* mother was barely able to provide for the family as her father served out his prison sentence. When Claudia first arrived at the Casa she was malnourished and struggled with learning disabilities. Thankfully, she received nutritious food, school support, as well as psychological, medical and spiritual care at the Casa. She is currently a healthy weight and doing well in her studies. Claudia is now 11 years old and has the added responsibility of caring for her aging grandmother as her mother works. But as a family, they are grateful that despite their challenges, they continue to feel God’s love through the staff and volunteers at the Casa. We celebrate this success story with you, as it is your generosity that made this possible. 

Will you help continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of children like Claudia? 

In recent days, the world has become a more difficult place for a child to grow up. Poverty, violence, conflict, gender disparities and environmental degradation pose significant obstacles to a child’s well-being. Access to basic needs have become increasingly out of reach, particularly for those in the Global South. The post-pandemic world has created many roadblocks for vulnerable children to reach their potential. With our partners around the world, CBM works to provide kids with safe spaces, nurturing care, nutritious meals, a chance to go to school, and experience God’s love. 

Please help us dismantle barriers to a child’s hope for a future. Your gift will ensure children at risk receive the resources they need. 

Nyan’s* father is a drug addict and unable to care for his family. He lives in a region known as the Golden Triangle where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet. This area is one of the largest producers of opium in the world.

Addiction grips many families and causes children to miss out on their childhood. CBM’s partner in Thailand works with children like Nyan through one of two centres. In this safe and supportive environment, Nyan can simply be a child. He also receives meals, tutoring, and personal and spiritual support. 

He shares, “I thank the churches and brothers and sisters in Canada. Because of your love and support, I can grow in a good environment and learn. I will work hard and try my best. I pray that God will bless you all.”

CBM works in partnership to empower vulnerable children and their families in places like Bolivia, Thailand, and Lebanon, among others. With your support, these children, like Nyan and Claudia, can access education, healthy meals, improve their overall health, and reclaim their childhood. 

Please consider supporting these Kids at Risk by giving today. Your gift will ensure children receive the help they need and a chance to experience God’s love for them in tangible ways. 

Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity. 

Jennifer Lau,
Executive Director