Our God who hears our cries and wipes our tears,

In faith, we continue to depend on you as we pass through depression and anxiety, fear and uncertainty, when India has reached 1 million COVID-19 cases with around 35,000 new cases adding every day. We pray for your voice to stop this storm and save us.

Many faithful ones in the medical field experience fear but are selflessly serving COVID-19 patients. We pray for their protection.

We have seen the plight of many migrant workers who are still unable to return to their places of work.  We pray for assurance of safety and work.

We feel the pain of many youth who long to write their entrance and competitive exams towards professional course admissions and jobs. We pray for your grace and for patience and better opportunities for them.

We acknowledge the difficulties of those who have lost their jobs and businesses, creating vulnerable situations for their families. We pray for new opportunities, jobs and resumption of business.

Our heart is heavy for the poor Mising tribe youth and Telugu-speaking youth who are unable to continue their skills training programs due to COVID-19. We pray for your assurance of better opportunities.

We weep looking at the devastation caused by the floods among our Mising Tribe families in Assam. We pray for safer shelter and food.

We crave for the fellowship missed in church services and church gatherings as many churches are still closed. We pray to understand the significance of worship in spirit and truth.

We have missed the affection via touch. We pray to comprehend the significance of praying for one another and understanding the meaning of the body of Christ.

Oh Lord, we also see that you are helping us to understand your creation in a different manner – that in which you have intended – to move from focus on self to others. We pray that you help us to perceive your grace that exists in mysterious ways, many still unseen but present in our day-to-day lives. Thank you for helping us to appreciate the little things in life that we take for granted.  We are grateful and seek the continuous power of the Holy Spirit to mould us and to live a life that is pleasing unto you.

In Christ’s name, we pray, amen.