Cheryl Bear – Prayers Amidst COVID-19

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Grandfather, thank you for your great love for us. Living Word, let us remember and meditate on your faithful promises. Father of Lights, you will see us through this time of darkness. Bread of Life and Living Water we are grateful we have enough food and water to sustain us, please

Nova Scotia and the Bustins

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This week, we are praying for our nation and our partner, Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada. We grieve with you the senseless acts of violence that took place across the province of Nova Scotia on April 18-19. We mourn the loss of all life, including the death of 23-year RCMP veteran Const. Heidi Stevenson, who lost her

Bill and Janice Dyck Amidst COVID-19

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Lord, you know that Bolivia’s national leaders have had to make unpopular but necessary decisions, one of which is to put the country in quarantine. This could affect the economy drastically, especially the income of day laborers, farmers and even pastors who depend on free-will offerings. Father, give wisdom to our

Suraj Komaravalli Amidst COVID-19

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Our Father, We know that you have taught us that one of the virtues of humanity is the ability to love and have compassion. For us Christians, we recognize this as faith and witness – to do to others as you would have them do to you and to love one

The Soucys Amidst COVID-19

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Father God, During these uncertain times may we be mindful of your presence each day and experience your peace that passes all understanding. We thank you for the quiet and space that we are experiencing due to imposed self-isolation. We pray that in the shift from what has been normal life,