Help – Weep for South Sudan

Cries of celebration filled the land when the new nation of South Sudan officially came into existence on July 9, 2011. Six years later, tears of joy have turned to sorrow as the country has been torn apart by fighting, suffering and now famine. After such a hopeful start, what went so horribly wrong.


mosaic recently asked three churches from across the country to share their refugee sponsorship experience - RiverCross Church in Saint John, New Brunswick; Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church (SCBC) in Ontario; and First Baptist Church in Dauphin, Manitoba. mosiac: How has the experience of your church in sponsoring/welcoming refugees to your community? RIVERCROSS: We sponsored

Signs of Welcome

By Paul Carline Director of Intercultural Ministries, Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada “Let’s bring 100 refugee families to Canada!” Considering that our three Anglophone Canadian Baptist regions only sponsored one or two families a year each, this goal, inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis and encouraged by Canadian Baptist Ministries, seemed irrational. 18 months

My People Have No Homeland

Pastor Shadrack Mutabazi meets me over dinner. Our friendship began in 2012 when I first attended a service of Shalom Christian Fellowship – a church he started in Winnipeg. Over the past four years I have been riveted by pieces of Shadrack’s story. Tonight Shadrack has agreed to give me the larger narrative for

Stateless – Nowhere to Belong

Citizenship is often taken for granted as something every person receives at birth. However, millions of stateless individuals around the world possess no form of citizenship. For different reasons they were never granted official membership to any nation-state. This is a serious problem because we live in a global system of nation-states and citizenship

A Stranger Kind of Love

Responding to the global refugee crisis We are living in an unprecedented period of global displacement - the highest level on record, according to the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) - with over 65 million people around the world who have been forced from home. That’s a number almost double Canada’s entire population! Canada has

An Apology In the Making

Justice Murray Sinclair stated frequently during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) work that “Reconciliation is not an Aboriginal problem, it is a Canadian problem. It involves all of us.” I was recently asked to issue a formal apology on behalf of Canadian Baptist Ministries. This is in response to one of the clarion