Flooding in India

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The monsoon season has battered South Asia and continues to displace countless people in the region. CBM Field Staff reported that floods have devastated many families in the Biswanath Charali District, Assam. Many houses and churches were damaged and livelihood is threatened due to loss of crops, fishing access and small ruminants. 

Flooding in India

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In India, the rainy season has come and over 4 million people have been displaced as flood waters cover buildings. One of the affected areas is Assam, where CBM has projects and partners. Loss of livelihood and homes become a reality as flooding destroys agriculture and houses.  Please pray for our staff, for their protection and for ways to show

Dengue in the Philippines

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In the Philippines, the rainy season attracts mosquitos that carry the dengue virus. This year, there has been an 85% increase in reported cases from last year. The count is now over 100,000 with more than 450 people perished. The Western Visayas region, including Capiz province, where the Waddells are, is