Become a Virtual Farmer

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BECOME A VIRTUAL FARMER Grow Hope Truro For more than 30 years, Canadian farmers have been working to end global hunger through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Now, you can become a “farmer”, too! Help grow a crop by sponsoring an acre of land through the Grow Hope

Thailand – August 2019

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The Golden Triangle of Asia is one of the largest areas of illegal drug production and trafficking in the world. Children and youth in this region are at high-risk of becoming involved in this trade. Share the love of Christ with them. Be a leader at an English camp for children and youth in Northern Thailand and help students learn and practice their English skills.

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Dominican Republic – March 2019

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The community of Sosua in the Dominican Republic is one of the neediest in the country. Use your March break to do something meaningful by serving the people of this vibrant community. Work alongside the Church of Reconciliation in Sosúa by serving through children’s programs, music, sports outreach, construction and English lessons.

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Philippines – May – July 2019

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Experience the adventure of immersing yourself in another culture through SENT Intensive. As God’s people, we are all sent out to live into the call of being disciples in a world of injustice. SENT Intensive gives you the opportunity to stretch yourself and fully embrace what you believe within another context. You will come home ready to see the world in a whole different way and put faith into action within your own community.

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Youth Pastor’s SENT Trip – El Salvador October 2018

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Your time in El Salvador will include church and beneficiary visits, hands-on ministry involvement, and conversation around how your youth group could partner with the church in El Salvador. The estimated total cost is $1,950. This includes flights, insurance, and all ground costs.