Dear Partners in Mission, Praise the Lord!

It always feels good to write our newsletter to you. We get excited when we recount the many ways God has been at work. Thank you for your continuous support. Praise the Lord! As we are wrapping up our third quarter, we have just received a three-month visa to Thailand, one step forward! Within three months after we arrive back in Thailand, we will have to apply for a long-term work visa through our mission partner!

Please continue to pray for it to be a smooth process. We have summed up this quarter below:


In July, Fiona had fun teaching a “Church Administration” course at BBI for 2 weeks. This was her first time teaching a regular class other than the weekly English Language class. She got sick at one point so Conrad had to fill in for two days. Praise God for our husband and wife team. In addition, Conrad taught a “Christian Ethics” course at Operation Dawn Discipleship Training Centre and a number of special classes at BBI. He also went to China to teach for 2 weeks in mid September.


We continue to mentor and counsel students that are in dating relationships, 3 out of 7 couples are in a pre-marriage counselling session and will be getting married next year right after the graduation!


We attended the Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism (CCCOWE) conference in August in Taipei, Taiwan. We learned more about their Vision 2020 Mission movement, the aim is to invite worldwide Chinese churches to learn about, to pray for and to reach out at least 2020 “Unreached People Groups” by the year 2020. At the conference, we were so happy to meet with friends and pastors from Canada.

During our stay in Taiwan, we met with many other church leaders and pastors. We enjoyed visited BBI alumni who are studying in Taiwan. We were also able to attend the Thai and Myanmar student fellowship, to give the students some encouragement and pray for them.  We met with the President of Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary, Rev. Cai, who was also Fiona’s pastor during her time in university. It was exciting to talk about those old days! We had the opportunity to learn more about the history of Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary, which was started by a missionary in 1952.  We preached and spoke at various churches and fellowship meetings in Taipei and Kaohsiung. Of course, we were able to spend some time with our dear daughter, Elaine, and went through a big typhoon together, Praise the Lord!


We witnessed the sending ceremony of a young couple, the husband, Cao, was a BBI graduate of 2016. They are willing to be sent by God to serve in the restricted area in Myanmar. It is an area with very limited resources. We were so blessed when attending their sending ceremony and hearing their testimonies. During this coming Christmas, Conrad will be one of the speakers to speak at their revival meeting. May God use His servant to bring encouragement to the area churches!

Mother’s Day in Thailand is on August 5; it is celebrated on the queen’s birthday. We were invited to attend a mother’s day celebration at a small village church. The goal for this service is to witness to non-Christians the love of God and bring people together. There were about 120 people in attendance. They organized a “thank you mother” ceremony; we saw so many tears from the eyes of the mother when they received a big hug and flower from their children. Fiona was also invited by the pastor to be his mother and participated in the ceremony. In fact, the pastor is really the same age as our son.

About Conrad & Fiona Kwok

Conrad and Fiona serve with CBM in Thailand alongside CBM’s Chinese Ministries team in the areas of leadership formation and community development. They work in collaboration with the Bethel Bible Institute (BBI) to provide training for young Chinese church leaders from mainland China, northern Thailand and Burma.