At CBM we support a range of projects through which you can serve and get involved. Some examples would be at-risk Children, Leadership Training, and Health Care initiatives. While we try to expose teams to many of the different projects we support, this year the majority have served with the Chagas for at least a portion of their trip.

I would like to share a bit more about this project. The Chagas prevention project works in the Mizque municipality which is about four hours from Cochabamba.

Chagas is a parasite that is spread by the vinchuca beetle which lives in the walls and roofs of adobe homes; consequently, it most often infects those who cannot afford to modify their residence. This is where the volunteers will come in to help by plastering the walls and ceilings of these families’ homes and pouring concrete on the floors.

With every trip to Mizque, the volunteers are surprised by road conditions. However from Bolivians’ point of view, that road is actually in excellent condition. Still, after our first visit from Mizque to the rural areas where the beneficiaries live, everyone agrees that the road between Cochabamba and Mizque is truly in good condition. Regardless of which rural community we work (Lloku Punku, Kallapani or Vichu Vichu), the view remains the same.

This makes me think of the different roads we have to travel in life, some are really safe and known and others are completely unknown and not as safe according to basic parameters.

However, in the same way we decide to trust our drivers every day we go to work with the families, we must trust the one who has our lives in his hands (Psalm 31:15), knowing that God cares for each of us! (Psalm 34:15)

If you are planning to come, I hope I did not scare you, on the contrary, maybe it is time to have the adventure of a lifetime.  Please continue praying for us and all the work we do with our partners in Bolivia.

May God continue to bless you 🙂

About Patty Nacho

Patty has been invested in the local Bolivian church throughout her life, as a leader in the Baptist Bolivian Youth and also as a deacon in her local church. Before joining CBM as the Global Discipleship Coordinator for Bolivia (February 2015), she worked as an auditor for the Norwegian Mission Alliance in Bolivia.