The end of a year and the beginning of another always brought about the busiest change in ministry. It is also the peak season for outreach activities.

Christmas Celebration: There were approximately 100 participants at Göttingen fellowship, & 60 participants in Kassel. Some families traveled 2 hours from out of town to attend the gathering. It shows that even though Chinese scatters, they do not lack interest in searching the Christian faith.

Lunar New Year Dumpling Banquet: The warmest Lunar New Year tradition in Germany is the dumpling banquet at church, with almost 100 participants. This year’s dumpling banquet appealed to the enjoyment of all 5 senses. Touch: from preparing ingredients, flour & sauces, to wrapping & cooking dumplings; we did them all by ourselves. Smell: the tasty smell of beef, pork, lamb & veggie; there was a variety, served in spicy & non-spicy sauces. Taste: almost a thousand homemade dumplings tasted exceptionally good. Sight/ hearing: the children gave musical performance. Thanks to God that the banquet filled with laughter.

About Lewis and Felain Lam

Lewis and Felain were appointed as CBM Strategic Associates in 2012 to join the work of the Chans and Friends of Mission to Chinese in Germany. The team ministers to the large number of students from mainland China studying in German universities, bringing the Good News and love of Jesus Christ to these future professionals who return to China upon graduation.

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