Father God,

You created the earth and not one person walks on it whose name you do not know. You are a God robed in majesty and yet, you come among us in worn out clothes ready to do the day’s work. You are a God of justice, caring for the weak, a God of mercy, forgiving sins, and a creative God doing new and unexpected things in our midst. You are a faithful God fulfilling your purposes in our lives and in our world.

May your kingdom be more present among us today than yesterday. We pray your kingdom be proclaimed among the poor who are suffering in Latin America. We pray that you protect those that have lost jobs because of the pandemic and have no way to support their families. We pray for the immigrant workers that are left far from home and family and do not have a secure job that will secure their well-being during this time.

We pray you continue to protect and heal people’s bodies, especially for those that are vulnerable to sickness. Those who are already struggling with health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma. We pray that they would be wrapped in your loving arms. We pray for those who are sick, that you would restore health and healing to their bodies.

We pray for honesty and compassion to reign in those who have been put in place in Latin America to care for people. That the sick have access to  health care. That governments and politicians be moved by mercy to care for all the people within their borders.

Father, let your love and grace overcome fear and desperation. Embrace those that are isolated and alone during this time. May your presence be more real to them than ever. God, let your love and protection prevail in homes where there is domestic violence and abuse.  Father, be with children that cannot go to school or play with their friends. Make known to them that you care for them and that their pain does not go unnoticed.

Thank you God for your love that abounds all the more in times of crisis and confusion. Thank you for your grace and mercy that are new each day. Search our hearts and minds and conform them to your ways. Glorify yourself in us.


The Nachos