Dear Lord Jesus,

We come to you today secure in your love for us. Thank you Lord Jesus that because of you there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. 

As this pandemic continues to bring sickness, hunger, fear, and uncertainty around the world we pray today specifically for the people in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In Bolivia where we know of so many who are sick, isolated and unable to receive care in hospitals, we ask you Lord that they feel relief today and especially that they would know your peace during their suffering. 

We pray for those who are providing care, for their safety and stamina as they serve in such valuable roles. 

We pray for the political and church leaders in Bolivia, in Central America and the Caribbean to be wise, to have good counsel around them and to make decisions that will lead to stronger health and economic systems in their countries. 

As we work with local church partners, we pray for wisdom in our counsel and that we would be an encouragement for our sisters and brothers during these difficult days. Cover our plans Lord during this COVID crisis, for recovery in the next few months and beyond as we work to support churches to be witnesses in their communities. 

We pray  for our CBM colleagues, isolated in their homes, unable to be with people, and support the work as we would like. We pray that they would be encouraged through the opportunities to meet you each day. We thank you Lord for the prayers and generosity of the Canadian church.

We pray for peaceful rest. We know that you are at work every minute of the day, and that your mission continues with or without us.  As pastors, leaders and servants do what they can each day, let that be enough. Allow each person to rest and not be anxious about tomorrow. We stop now to give you thanks, recognizing your work in our lives as well as those around us. Thank you for loving us.

We pray all these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

The Soucys