At the end of September, 2016, we held a training with the African Christian Church & Schools (ACC&S) field staff who work with the Embu food security project, Kenya.

The staff had challenges in data collection in the communities. The Ten Seed Technique is a simple participatory data collection tool which was introduced by Ravi Jayakaran, from World Vision, China in the mid 90’s. This technique uses 10 local seeds for the exercise and is useful in gathering qualitative information on various issues, especially related to the perceptions of the community and the way people see themselves in relation to others. It is flexible and can be used in combination with other techniques and also for collecting a wide range of information.

At the end of the training, we visited the field and interviewed 10 farmers using the ten seed techniques successfully.

Peter, a field extension worker training farmers on the Ten Seed technique

About Ruth Munyao

Ruth serves with CBM as Senior Food Security Specialist in Africa, with specific reference to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan.

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