Typhoon Phanfone swept over the Philippines during the holidays, causing extensive damage to electrical lines/poles, and communications networks. It may take weeks and months until everything is restored to normal. According to CBM Field Staff Melanie Waddell, “Many homes and buildings have been badly damaged, and in some cases, they have been completely flattened. This is especially true for those living in houses made from light materials such as bamboo and sheet metals.” The typhoon swept through Visayas, the island on which CBM Field Staff Melanie and Michael Waddell, and partners and programs are based. The Waddells are safe – their house suffered minor damage. The younger Waddells have processed the calamity well, despite being scared. Power was just restored after six days without. The Waddells await word regarding communities where CBM is present as communication and electricity lines in many areas are still down.

Please pray for all who have been affected by the storm, especially those who are the most vulnerable. There has been a lot of devastation to fisheries and agriculture. Many farmers have been badly impacted with crops wiped out, which will impact CBM’s Food for Life intitiative with KPM.  Please pray for those who reside in Libas, home to the Libas Childcare Centre, which CBM supports. Most of the homes in Libas have been badly damaged or destroyed. Pray for the livelihood of thousands of families – for restoration. Pray for the Waddells as they schedule site visits in the coming days, when the hardest hit areas become more accessible. Please pray for those who have lost their homes – for grace, favour, comfort and protection. Pray for the families of those who perished, for those who are missing to be found, for provision and resources to help reconstructed damaged buildings and infrastructure especially for those we serve.

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