Serving in East Asia

Theo serves in a restricted area in Asia. He was born in rural Asia, to a traditional non-religious family. Theo was raised in a Marxist atheist environment where kids competed with each other in grades, riches, fame and success. Theo learnt about Christ and the Christian faith through English summer camps organized by Christian organizations. He accepted the Lord and felt called to full-time ministry in order to spread God’s love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to other young people.

Theo started to serve in campus fellowships while in University. After graduation, he served in two different Christian Organizations, working in camps for adolescents, planned and organized activities and engaged in urban community development projects.

Theo’s burden and ministry is to help the youth and young adults become mature Kingdom leaders, discerning one’s own calling in the Marketplace either as Christian professionals or business owners and responding to that calling in an God-honouring, neighbour-loving and environmentally friendly manner.

Theo在亞洲的啓創區服侍。Theo 出生于一個傳統農村,無宗教信仰的家庭。Theo 從小接受無神論教育,在一個天天都要與同輩在學業,金錢,名利等世俗價值上攀比的環境裏長大。初中的年代,Theo參加了一個由基督徒舉辦的英文夏令營。在營裏J第一次聽聞耶穌的名字。基督徒們無私的愛,感動了Theo。他決志信主並立志事奉神。



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