U + 1: Lesson 4


U + I Can Choose to Help Others Be Healthy

When you or someone you know gets sick it can be scary. We live in a country where medicine, doctors, and hospitals are usually easy to find when you need them. But did you know that there are countries where basic things like not having a safe place to go to the bathroom can be a big problem?


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Story Video

This video tells us about how our choices can help communities in El Salvador have access to clean, sanitary latrines.

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This Lesson is part of the KIDS CARE series


“Kids Care – Shalom” is an opportunity to discuss with our children all the ways that God shows his goodness towards us. This five-lesson children’s resource will help you look at some global problems from a biblical perspective. It will also encourage kids to better engage the idea of global disparity through prayer, activities, stories, and fundraising suggestions.

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