U + 1: Lesson 5


U + I Can Choose Less

Can you think of a time when someone chose to have less of something so that you could have more? In Canada, we often have much more than we need. This isn’t true for everyone though. Lots of families don’t have enough to eat. When we give our money or possessions to help others it’s a great way to show generosity, even if it leads to us having less.


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Story Video

This video tells us about how our choices can help others gain access to necessities.

This Lesson is part of the KIDS CARE series


“Kids Care – Shalom” is an opportunity to discuss with our children all the ways that God shows his goodness towards us. This five-lesson children’s resource will help you look at some global problems from a biblical perspective. It will also encourage kids to better engage the idea of global disparity through prayer, activities, stories, and fundraising suggestions.

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