Kallie Hutton – Bolivia

Kallie Hutton, CBM Field Staff in Bolivia, introduces a program for women in prison in Cochabamba, Bolivia. This is a new initiative called Alas de Águilas (Eagle’s Wings) Mother’s School that has developed out of the prison children’s program, Casa de la Amistad. These women are being taught to sew and earn an income to help support their families while their spouses are serving prison sentences. In this video Kallie interviews one of the Alas de Águilas beneficiaries, Isabel, who received help after years of physical abuse at the hands of her husband.

Dr Cheryle Hanna – Thailand

In March of 2018, Dr Cheryle Hanna (Pastor of Fourth Avenue Baptist, Ottawa, ON) was part of a SENT team comprised of Canadian Baptist pastors traveling to Thailand. She visited the work that Conrad and Fiona Kwok, CBM field staff, are engaged in. This video explains what Operation Dawn is all about.

In this second video from Dr Cheryle Hanna, she reflects on meeting a pastor from Myanmar, who is reaching out to 100 remote villages in the Lahu region.  This video tells a little about the Lahu villages and their desire for a church.

Febe – Bolivia

This very short video introduces Febe, a young seminary student in Cochabamba. Febe is being supported by Canadian Baptist Women until she graduates from Seminary. Baptist women across Canada have given to support women studying at a Post Graduate level from 2018-2020. Febe is the recipient of that support.

Erica Kenny – Kenya

Aaron and Erica Kenny are CBM’s Africa team Leaders living in Kenya and overseeing all that CBM is engaged in throughout Africa. In this video, Erica describes one of the projects in Kenya, the Urban Ministry program.