Word & Deed November 2022

November 2022

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Re-igniting Passionate Ministry Leaders

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Shared Hopeful Gifts Church Campaign 2022

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Fall 2022 Update Video

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Hopeful Gifts for Change 2022 Gift Catalogue

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Field Staff Updates

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We want to keep you informed about our work. Our Fall Update Video does just that, so be sure to give it a watch and see what’s new with CBM! As the holiday season approaches, CBM wants to provide individuals and churches with the opportunity to give a Hopeful Gift. Be sure to check out the various ways that you can make an impact!

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One of CBM’s key causes is to Build the Church around the world. We believe that God brings healing to a broken world through local churches. That’s why we aim to equip and empower congregations to share the gospel and proclaim God’s love in their communities.

Church leaders are uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of their communities, but many don’t know how to reach out to people outside of their churches.

Byron Velasquez, National Field Staff in Guatemala, shared the following in a recent report. “José’s church used to be focused on their work within the four walls of their building. They never interacted with their community members or formed collaborative networks with local organizations and leaders.”

After enrolling in the Church Coaching and Leadership Development program, José was taught how to walk alongside his community members, acknowledge their needs and get involved in the solutions.

“Today, the changes are palpable,” noted Byron. “We see a church with open doors, a church that looks after its community, serves its community, and a pastor who is known by the community – a pastor with a different mentality. Community leaders have also changed. Now they sit with the church members, listen to one another, and work together on planning, organizing, and serving their community. It is great what God is doing right now. The pandemic has accelerated the relationship between church and community, which is a great blessing.”

Before, the community did not know about the church, even though the church had been there for years. Now the church is well known due to its involvement and commitment to the community. People are more receptive to experiencing the gospel through the services.

José shared the following testimony of what he has learned through the program: “My understanding of being a pastor has dramatically changed. Now my vision is to look after the integral needs of my community. This mindset allows me to be much more effective in how I serve. The church has to embody its community and should respond to the call to serve its neighbourhood. I want to see the people around me grow and develop while the gospel continues to transform and impact their lives in a holistic way.”

We have seen time and time again how the work of local church leaders can unite communities, promote discipleship and encourage congregations to show the love of God to their neighbours in times of need. Please read the enclosed letter from Adrian Gardner, Director of Canadian Partnerships. Will you stand with us? Support CBM as we respond to the call to strengthen and build up the body of Christ.

Help Build the Church
Photo of Director, Canadian Partnerships Adrian Gardner

At Christmas, churches around the world celebrate God’s gift to us – the Word becomes flesh. This Christmas, CBM wants to help your church community offer this gift of hope to others through our local church partners around the world.

As the world emerges from the global COVID-19 pandemic and faces new difficulties such as food insecurity, inflation and changing weather patterns, we are reminded that we live in a broken world. Yet as Christians, we have the privilege of sharing the hope we have in Jesus. You may have wondered what you and your church can do or how you can respond to the growing needs around the world. Our local church partners have identified what needs are present in their areas and what projects can be done to help. Through Shared Hopeful Gifts, your church can choose a project and give a gift that is “just right” – exactly what, and where it is needed most. 

Through Shared Hopeful Gifts 2022, your whole congregation can come together in mission and join with churches across Canada to make a significant impact in the lives of the most vulnerable around the world, and witness to your local community concerning what it looks like to love like Jesus. 

CBM is providing resources to help your church with this:

  • First, we’ll provide you with a Church web page that will help explain your project and can collect donations for it. We will build this for you, and you can also customize it, if you wish. We at CBM will look after all of the logistics and details for you: donation processing, tracking, and charitable receipts. The website even makes it easy for individuals in your church to promote your project on their own, with a Peer-to-Peer Option. 
  • Second, we’ll provide two videos that you can use during online or in-person services. One of these will be an overview of your project and the other will tell a story of its personal impact. 
  • Third, we’ll provide Printable Bulletin Inserts focused on your project. 
  • We’ll even provide related Advent Readings. 

All of these resources will be available for you by November 1st to make it as easy as possible for your church to plan to be involved. 

Thank you for considering joining Shared Hopeful Gifts 2022 as we embrace a broken world in word and deed. Together, we can give a gift of hope.

Fall 2022 Update Video

Executive Director Jennifer Lau gives an update on CBM’s work over the last few months and announces a new partnership.

Hopeful Gifts for Change 2022 Gift Catalogue

Looking to make a lasting impact this Christmas season? We invite you to explore our gift catalogue, Hopeful Gifts for Change. From education to justice to poverty reduction to building the church, you’ll find a gift that ignites your passion. As we work to mitigate the devastating effects of COVID-19,  we invite you to find the people, places and causes that resonate with you. We thank you for your faithful generosity as you answer God’s mission call.

View the Hopeful Gifts Catalogue

Field Staff Updates

Sibomana Ministry Update November 2022

Hello, brothers and Sisters in Christ. Greetings from Rwanda. I hope and pray that you and your beloved ones are keeping well. Thank you for continuously supporting me and the work we do together through prayers and finances. The world is full of brokenness, and God is calling you with...

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Gato Munyamasoko Ministry Update October 2022

It is now two years and ten months since CBM sent me to work with a new partner in Congo called* Baptist Churches Community in Eastern Congo. But since January 2022, I was also asked to work with other CBM partners, like CBCA in Congo, AEBR in Rwanda and FEBAC...

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Xiaodan Ministry Update September 2022

We have started to plan for the welcome project in October for newly arriving students. Pray for good preparations, ideas and that we will have unity and love in planning together. Pray that God will lead new students into our community

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Soucy Ministry Update August 2022

For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings. Hosea 6:6 Greetings from Guatemala! We are so thankful for dear friends and supporters who participate in this work. We consider it a great privilege to be in this part of the world, accompanying churches and...

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