Khamis Thep is a beneficiary of CBM’s emergency relief aid living in South Sudan at an Internally Displaced Persons camp. “I am a disabled person currently staying at the Narus IDP Camp. I have been at the camp since early 2014. I arrived at the camp after fleeing my home area in Jonglei after the start of the fighting between rebels and the government. I first camped in Mingkaman in Lakes State after which I decided to come to the Kenyan border ready to go to Kenya in case the fighting reaches here.  During the distribution of the relief items I received one IDP Kit which contains a mosquito net, blankets, plastic sheet, soap and rope. These items will help me in coping with the situation at the camp. I thank the organizers of the distribution exercise for coming to our rescue.  I have not been a Christian, but now I have seen that the Church and the people of God love others and can help regardless of tribe… What you did for us was not even done for us by the government.”

CBM’s South Sudanese partner is overwhelmed by the needs in their country. Conflict consumes virtually the whole country. The countryside is also wracked by violence. Over 1.5 million people have fled to other countries. Millions more are displaced within South Sudan. On top of it all, changing climate conditions make farming difficult in the best of circumstances. The inflation rate in South Sudan last year was 800%. Most people cannot afford to buy food. The specter of death hangs over the country. Tens of thousands of people have died and the numbers grow each month.

At CBM, we have a small annual fund that enables us to respond to unplanned global crises quickly and efficiently. It exists because generous donors recognize the importance of being able to help in times of emergency. Over the past three years, we have nearly depleted this fund by providing over $400,000 in relief aid to desperate and hungry people in South Sudan.

Two ways you can help:

  1. Pray for peace between the government and opposition armies. There has been a promise of safe access for humanitarian workers. Pray that this will hold so that food can reach into all regions of the country. Pray also for church leaders and relief workers.
  2. Make a generous financial gift to our South Sudan crisis response. We have promised to raise another $60,000 in order to continue the food relief program in South Sudan. We would like to be able to do more.