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BY Xiaodan and Philipp Fröhlich | November 22, 2021 | min read

BY Xiaodan and Philipp Fröhlich|November 22, 2021

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Serving People in the Pandemic

Living with students, practicing discipleship and evangelizing at the same time – that’s what we do! Jesus invites people to share in his life and to live together with him. In our work with Chinese students, there are many such opportunities to share life with people, to be a role model, and to bear witness to God.

Since the last newsletter, time has passed quickly and it has clearly become autumn. Although the corona numbers in Germany are on the rise again, we fortunately continue to have many opportunities to meet people in person. Recently, several people around us have been facing big changes: Apartment hunting, moving, renovations. We were able to assist them with practical support, encouragement and advice, and pass on God’s love to them. Please pray especially for two women who are close to our group and enjoy our fellowship and help, but have not yet accepted Jesus. I have been counseling one of them for some time. She is especially happy that we are helping her deal with her difficult living situation. Recently, I accompanied her to see a therapist who is helping her overcome her depressive tendency. We hope that God will touch her heart and give us wisdom to witness our faith to her.

We are thankful for the new apartment we were able to move into at the beginning of August. It is bigger, very bright and very quiet. We have noticed that our guests feel as comfortable in the apartment as we do. We have already been able to welcome many people to our home – for discipleship conversations, counseling, language learning, and meals. Every other week we invite students on Friday evenings for German language learning, dinner together and Bible study afterwards. Please pray that more people will join and we will have good, intense conversations about faith.

In October and November we organized a small hike and a game night, which were attended by visitors we did not know yet. We enjoyed the good time together and hope to resume and deepen the contacts in the coming time. So, in addition to a number of goodbyes we have had in the past few months, we have also been able to welcome a number of new people. Pray that the contacts will be maintained and that God will let their interest in faith grow. Philipp started his MA studies in Culture and Theology near Stuttgart in September. Thanks to the generous support from many sides, his studies can be financed by our wedding gifts. He already attended the first course. In addition to his voluntary work, he is now at home reading books and writing papers. He is already very grateful for what he is able to discern and reflect upon.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the two women who are close to our group but have not yet accepted Jesus, that God will meet them and give us wisdom to witness our faith to them.
  • Pray that more people will join the German reading group and pray for good, intense conversations about the faith.
  • Pray that the new contacts will be maintained and that God will let their interest in faith grow.
  • Pray that Philipp will have wisdom in scheduling his time for studying and voluntary work and that he will continue to learn many good things that will be a blessing to others in life and ministry.
  • Pray for our preparations for the Christmas season. We want to convey to believers and unbelievers alike how important it is that God sent Jesus Christ to us humans.
  • Since May, the service has been held in the church building again, in parallel with the online broadcast. We are considering if it is time to have the Bible study in person again. Pray that we can make a good decision.

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