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and you have a heart for the world. Wondering how you can do more? Become a CBM Champion and help make your passion contagious. We are committed to helping local churches like yours engage in mission globally and locally. Our initiatives empower churches to reach those on the margins. When you become a CBM Champion, you help to strengthen the witness of your church on behalf of the vulnerable in our world.

What does it take to become a CBM Champion?

WHO? Champions are passionate advocates for global mission. Maybe you’re part of the mission committee or have had a life-changing short-term mission experience. No matter what your background may be, if you love mission, you’re the right person for this job.

WHAT? The role of a Champion is to be the connector between your church and us. You can help ensure that CBM is producing relevant and useful media to support your church’s mission engagement. We want to hear from you what works and what doesn’t. Which campaigns your church wants to take part in. Need a video? Bulletin insert? Banners for your website? We want to know.

WHY? We know that your pastor has multiple time commitments and other priorities. Champions help highlight important initiatives and make announcements about upcoming campaigns that your church can get involved with.

WHEN? Successful Champions are dedicated people who are willing to make a long-term commitment. We ask every Champion for a two-year initial term, renewable annually after that. Having one person identified within your congregation as the CBM Champion enables your pastor and church to know who to ask about all CBM-related questions.

What You Will Need

Internet Access and Email

All communication between the Champions and CBM will be done online through a dedicated webpage or email so it’s essential that you have reliable internet access.

Mailing Address

Champions will receive printed materials and media at their home address. With the volume of mail that arrives in a church mailbox, we prefer to send these materials directly to you. You can then distribute those materials to the appropriate people in your church.

Personal Facebook Page

There will be a closed Facebook group where Champions from across the country can share and post their thoughts and activities as a means of shared learning and encouragement. Did you run a special event for missions? Share it with others in the Champions Facebook group.

Access to a printer

From time to time you may find a need to print your announcements out in hard copy form.

What We Can Expect from You

We know your time is valuable so we want to make being a Champion as easy as possible for you. We ask that you commit to doing the few simple things regularly.
  • Receive and read CBM’s monthly email newsletter Spreading the Word. This e-newsletter will keep you up-to-date on current CBM initiatives for you to promote in your church. Share the information with the appropriate people in your church.
  • Read and participate in the Champions Facebook Group. The goal of the group is to share what’s working in your church and encourage one another. It’s a place to build connections, share photos and message others for their input. We will also post regular messages here as well. Feel free to like and share items from CBM’s Facebook page onto your own.
  • Coordinate with your pastor to make one CBM-related announcement in your church at least once each quarter. You can make it part of a regular “mission moment” or make it a special CBM update during your service. We will provide you with the resources to make this announcement easy – a script, video clip and/or slide that you can use to augment what you will feature.
  • Once a year we ask you to review the details we have on file for your church. It is vital for us to stay current with all our supporters. Simply go online and fill in the blanks or change outdated information as required. Did your church just start using Facebook? Let us know about the page. Is you pastor on Twitter? We would like to follow him or her. Is there a new pastor recently appointed to your church? Let us know.

What You Can Expect from Us

We want to make your Champions experience great, so we are fully committed to helping you succeed by supplying you with what you need.
  • Monthly emails from your CBM Regional Representative on what’s new in CBM – insider information on new resources, videos, campaigns, etc.
  • $100 annual honorarium for being a Champion – A small way to show we value your time, input and commitment. If you don’t wish to keep it, we suggest donating it back to CBM designated to your favourite project or country. Any contribution over $10 is eligible for a tax receipt.
  • Invitation to an annual lunch with your CBM Regional Representative during your denomination’s assembly gathering
  • No ministry support fee ($225) on any CBM SENT trip you join
  • Personal connection with your CBM Regional Representative whenever they are in your area
  • Annual video greeting from Executive Director Terry Smith

Ready to sign-on as a Champion? Send us your details using this form.