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You can do something!

Have you ever said to yourself, “That isn’t right” or exclaimed, “It shouldn’t be this way? Surely there is something that can be done.”


When we do it unto the least of these, we have done it to him. This passage in Matthew, makes clear that our faithfulness is judged by the way we act. There are numerous markers that indicate who the “least of these” are.

Disparity comes in many forms. However, even if sources of poverty are systemic, endemic and chronic they are still actionable, right-able, and even fight-able. Shake the foundations by embracing compassion.


Poverty can take many forms and has debilitating effects on individuals and communities, but it is not invincible. As people of faith, we respond in love to help alleviate suffering and extend compassion for the poor.


Doing justice is about restoring relationships. It starts with a recognition of our own brokenness, but it doesn’t end there. Individuals, social frameworks and economic systems alike need God’s restoration to bring about what is equitable and just.


Every child should have the right to just be a kid. They should be protected, loved and cared for. When you invest in their well-being, you are paving the way for a brighter future.


God brings healing to a broken world through local churches. When you equip and empower congregations around the world to share the gospel, you are enabling them to proclaim and demonstrate God’s love in their communities.


Embracing Empathy Reduces Hardship

Earthquake. Tsunami. Hurricane. Some emergencies strike in a heartbeat. Other times there are warning signs, slow-onset disasters such as prolonged rain, ongoing drought or growing political unrest.

When humanitarian disasters leave victims wounded and vulnerable, they often turn to the church for assistance and assurance that they are not forgotten by God or His people. In these times of emergency, CBM and its global Baptist partners’ network respond immediately to save lives and participate in long-term reconstruction long after the world’s attention has shifted elsewhere. In a crisis, we are responsive and ready to serve those who have been most impacted.

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