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Stay informed and engaged about our work together around the globe and across Canada. There is always more to learn as we follow God’s mission into the world.

As you seek to live as a global disciple in a complex world, our video and print resources are here to help you learn, grow and stretch in mind, heart and soul. Open yourself up to seeing the world in a different way and put what you believe into action.


Mosaic magazine serves as a catalyst to stimulate and encourage passionate discipleship. Reading Mosaic is the best way to stay in touch with what Canadian Baptists and their partners are doing around the world and across the street. 

You can read Mosaic online by clicking the cover images images.

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Terry Talks

Subscribe to CBM Executive Director Terry Smith’s YouTube channel. Share Terry’s short videos with your congregation, as he takes you on a journey to witness the impact of a global God in places of brokenness and suffering.


At CBM, we believe prayer is vital to making our ministry strong. We need your prayer support to help keep us going.  That’s why there’s Prayerline. It is a free, weekly prayer e-mail that is delivered straight to your inbox, which you can use to guide your prayer individually or as a church. Join us in the great global prayer challenge – remembering our world, local and international church partners, field staff, and the lives they touch. Let’s bring them before God and watch how He moves.  You can also include Prayerline in your weekly church bulletin.

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The Call to Follow

A 6-session resource that weaves together learning, action and prayer follows three streams: individual, small group and congregational. Help stimulate and inspire your church’s thinking about what it means to follow Jesus within today’s global reality. Through biblical reflections, videos, discussion and Bible studies, together you will explore what it means to live the way of Jesus in our world.  


An easy-to-read book ideal for personal or small group use on integral mission to help individuals and churches share the transforming mission of God through word and deed. It’s a resource to set the background and help shape understanding, to inspire local churches and all followers of Jesus to proclaim and demonstrate God’s love and truth with greater optimism, imagination and through effective partnerships. 


With Facilitator & Participant guides, discern your church’s calling to be the centre of God’s mission through an assessment of its values and commitments. Reflect on social and spiritual needs that are local, regional and global. Evaluate your present mission commitments, both financially and through volunteer time. The Discover process will help you make decisions that impact the future direction of your church. We can help you get started with a kick-off session with a CBM facilitator. Contact us to get started.