Yuanchuan Ye & Ming Gao

Serving in Germany

Yuanchuan Ye and Ming Gao serve with CBM in Germany as part of the Chinese Ministries team. They joined the team in 2016, working in partnership with a local organization, Forum for Mission to Chinese in Germany (FMCD). The CBM team in Germany works primarily among Chinese students, many of whom have never heard the gospel. The vast majority of the students will return to China after they graduate and enter into professions or work as civil servants.

Chuan and Ming both grew up in China. Chuan grew up in a Christian family and accepted Christ in his teens. After graduating from university, he went to Bremen, Germany to further his studies in chemistry. During that time, both Chuan’s spiritual life and his dedication to ministry grew stronger. Ming grew up in an atheist family and first got to know the Lord when she studied in Heidelberg, Germany.

After graduation, the Yes responded to God’s call and decided to serve together in full-time ministry. They studied at Singapore Bible College and after graduating, returned to Germany to share the love of God with Chinese scholars and students.

葉源川傳道和高明師母是CBM在德國的宣教士。 他們于2016年開始加入CBM在德國的宣教團隊, 與當地的德華福音會(FMCD)合作在德國拓荒。 CBM在德國的團隊服侍的對象主要是在德國大學深造的中國學生。我們致力把基督的愛和福音帶給這群從來沒有聽聞福音,將會在畢業后回中國工作,明日中國的年輕專業人士。

源川和明生長於中國。源川在一個基督教家庭長大, 在青年時代信主,大學畢業後赴德國不萊梅修讀化學。在德國求學期間,源川的屬靈生命得到堅固。明生長于無神論家庭,在德國海德堡留學期間信主。畢業後, 二人回應上帝呼召, 願意委身全時間服侍, 並前往新加坡神學院接受神學裝備。 神學畢業後回到德國,向這群與他們背景相似的學人分享神的愛。

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Field Staff in Germany

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Please join us in praying for CBM Field Staff Yuanchuan Ye and Ming Gao who are based in Germany. They serve among Chinese students attending German universities. Many of these students have never heard the gospel before. They also face various challenges living away from home and need practical support and encouragement. Please pray for Yuanchuan and Ming as they seek to share the love of God with these students – both in word and deed. They also have the following prayer requests:  May the Lord give us a vibrant spiritual life and help us to maintain a close relationship with Him. We


Ministry to Chinese Diaspora in Germany

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The outreach ministry to Chinese students studying in Germany has seen tremendous growth in the past decade. Please pray for CBM's National Field Staff, Xioadan Gang and Yuanchuan Ye & Ming Gao as they faithfully serve there. Ask that God would give them spiritual and physical strength as they engage students in challenging conversations about God and the Christian faith, and express love to them through both word and deed. Pray particularly for Pastor Gang's visa application process to go smoothly as she prepares to come to Canada this June to share her ministry with churches in

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