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Typically, a cross-cultural experience in Thailand involves one week visiting different ministries in Northern Thailand and Myanmar and one week participating (along with the students from Bethel Bible Institute) in evangelistic visits in the mountainous regions of Thailand. Estimated Cost: $3000/person



Canadian teams in Kenya have opportunity to work with our partners the Africa Brotherhood Church and the African Christian Church and Schools. Youth and adults are also invited to come to Kamp Tumaini as counselors.  Watch for more information on this for 2018. Estimated Cost: $3800-$4000



Canadian groups work with our partner the Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB) and have opportunity to participate in varied ministry throughout the country. This includes construction projects, children’s ministry, seminary training and the various ministries of local churches. Estimated Cost: $3500/person



Canadian teams have opportunity to be part of ministry with our partner, The Fraternity of Baptist Churches in Cuba (FIBAC). This could include maintenance/construction, camp ministry, and partnering with the various ministries of local churches. Estimated Cost: $2500/person


Call To Prayer

Aaron and Erica Kenny, CBM Africa Team Leaders, invite us to pray for the issues affecting the most vulnerable in our project areas: "Please join us in praying for the outbreak of violence in central DRC and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in South Sudan. We hold our partners in prayer as they are on the front lines of response. We continue to

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Ken and Wendy Derksen, CBM Field Staff, return to Rwanda today after a three-month home assignment in Canada. During their visit, the couple travelled to churches across Western Canada to share how God has been working in their midst as they serve the people of Rwanda. Please pray that God would refresh the Derksens as they recuperate from the busy schedule they maintained while in Canada. Pray that they would

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All our work is ministry unto the Lord: Introducing CO323

Col: 3:23”Whatever your task, put yourselves into it, as done for the Lord and not for your masters.” Under the Co323 brand, we continue to develop Marketplace ministries with both the Waddell and Guthrie families focusing on this in the Philippines. Marketplace Ministries involves fostering new initiatives, training partners to engage in the marketplace,

Help – Weep for South Sudan

Cries of celebration filled the land when the new nation of South Sudan officially came into existence on July 9, 2011. Six years later, tears of joy have turned to sorrow as the country has been torn apart by fighting, suffering and now famine. After such a hopeful start, what went so horribly wrong.

A Warm Welcome

We’re here! Finally! In Bolivia! Or maybe I should say “We’re home!” In Mexico, I learned of the phrase “Mi casa su casa – my home is your home.” People often say this upon entering their home. So I supposed I shouldn’t have been surprised when the Bolivians, quite intentionally, welcomed us with a