When faith meets work

all the hours of our lives can be

infused with meaning

Vennture is bridging the gap between Sunday and the other six days of the week.

Do you find your work meaningful? Do you feel like you are able to use your God-given gifts to benefit others and promote flourishing in the world? Sadly, many Christians respond that they see their job only as a means to an end. Too often, Christians divide their life into the sacred and the secular.

We are inspiring and motivating individuals and groups to reflect God’s image through creative and innovative daily work and mobilize Christians to join God’s redemptive mission in the world through work. Vennture is part of a growing group of God’s people who believe transformation can happen when faith and work intersect. Our goal is to stimulate conversations, build connecting points and incubate new ideas about living out our faith, seven days of the week.

As followers of Jesus, our work matters to God and has eternal Kingdom value. Our work is a gift that provides us with an opportunity to participate in God’s redemptive work in our communities and our world.


Vennture works in three strategic ways:


Through Vennture’s network of partners, we focus on teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring a biblical theology of work that seeks to close the sacred | secular divide and aligns with CBM’s commitment to Integral Mission.


Vennture works within a network of partners, and in a spirit of mutuality, to assist in the creation of transformational businesses that lead to human flourishing, provide people with meaningful work, and glorify God.


Vennture is building global networks and providing unique opportunities for God’s people to accept their role of helping to heal a broken world through word and deed, by join God’s mission in the world through their daily work.

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Brenda Halk

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Upcoming Events

May 15th to 17th, 2023

Integrate Church Leaders Conference

A Joint Event from Canadian Baptist of Atlantic Canada and Canadian Baptist Ministries

Algonquin Resort, St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Integrate is for pastors, church leaders, and anyone who is passionate about integrating faith into everyday life. Over three days, you'll spend time with followers of Jesus who share this passion for that same integration. You will engage with keynotes, interactive Q&A sessions, breakout workshops, round-table discussion, and more. Our vision is for you to leave with a fresh excitement and practical tools for your community to be integrating faith into all of life.

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When faith meets work all the hours of our lives can be infused with meaning!

2 weeks ago

One of our Vennture team members, Brenda Halk, was at InterMission this weekend, along with our Canadian Baptist Ministries colleague, Barb Keys, to share stories and sell products being produced by entrepreneurs from CBM's network of partners around the world. One of those partners is Kabuganaan Philippines Ministries (KPM) in the Philippines, and we are so thrilled that Rev. Job & Phoebe Santiago are able to attend InterMission and share about their work with Vennture and local entrepreneurs in Capiz, Philippines.Brenda also had the opportunity to share a workshop at InterMISSION focused on Vennture’s work around the world. It was such a treat to have Rev. Job & Phoebe Santiago, participate in the workshop sharing how their organization and the association of Baptist churches in Capiz province are discovering how #faithmeetswork #FaithMeetsWork #Vennture #WorkMatters #intermission2023 ... See MoreSee Less
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