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As a global mission organization we are committed to expressing His love through word and deed.

We believe that God brings hope and healing to a broken world through local churches.

Our love for God and his mission is rooted in the fact that He first loved us and rescued us in our brokenness. As a sign of our gratitude to Him, we willingly and enthusiastically accept His invitation to join Him in His mission to build shalom – peace with justice.

Join us.

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She Matters Advocacy Campaign

Globally, girls and women continue to face the effects of gender inequity. We believe that women should have equal access to education, health care and job opportunities. Join us as we raise our voice on behalf of marginalized girls and women, so they can fulfil their God-give potential. Learn how your church can get involved.

CBM Sunday

Canadian Baptists have a long history of advocating for the world’s poor. Our faith challenges us to respond with compassion and to do our utmost to help others in need. On CBM Sunday, your church can stand up for the world’s poor and help alleviate global hunger. Order our FREE resources to start building your church's worship service.

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Philippines – May – July 2019


Experience the adventure of immersing yourself in another culture through SENT Intensive. As God’s people, we are all sent out to live into the call of being disciples in a world of injustice. SENT Intensive gives you the opportunity to stretch yourself and fully embrace what you believe within another context. You will come home ready to see the world in a whole different way and put faith into action within your own community.

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