CBM, in partnership with the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda (AEBR) is working to improve the health of families through a Gender and Family Ministry project that strives to increase their ability to discern, discuss and settle conflict. The project also aims to help families achieve spiritual unity, partnership of love, friendship and commitment by all members through family ministry training focused on parenting skills and effective communication. 

Paulin lives in Nyagahinika sub region in Kabuga, Rwanda. Many people here live in poverty and are illiterate. Children drop out of school to make money by working at a tea plantation and the community suffers from a food crisis. Paulin benefits from this training and will help and assist family coordinators in his church towards making a change among families in his community. He said, “I’ve been a pastor for 7 years but I didn’t do anything special with couples in my church. This training opened my mind and now I will put more effort to meet with couples, learn together in different workshops and activities to see how we can create healthier families. I appreciate the knowledge that I got in this training. It was very essential to learn and know the way to communicate with my wife and all family members. I decided to pass on the knowledge to other couples in my church.  If church families are strong and healthier, our church will be also healthier.”       

Paulin’s congregation is in an area where family conflicts and confrontations are rampant. He realized that effective parenting and communication is important because lack of knowledge can negatively impact their  children and family members, thereby affecting generations to come. He shares, “I will apologize to my wife because I was not interested about giving time to my children. I was thinking that providing food, school fees and clothes are enough to make me a good parent. I learned that being a good parent is more than that. It is a journey with your children – teaching them, coaching them, mentoring them as a role model in a kind way until you help them become better people. From this training, I would like to be a model parent in my family, and in my church as I now know how to become one. I’m grateful to CBM for supporting this training and making it happen. This is key for family life. Because where peace and love is, the development is also there.”

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