Thank you for making Active in Mission 2022 a great success! You ensured we reached our goal of raising $60,000 towards children’s education in 9 countries around the world.


The global disruption to education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic generated the worst education crisis on record. However, with your active participation, you helped provide educational opportunities for children in nine different countries where CBM partners.

By meeting the learning needs of the next generation, you helped highlight how education is a human right and one of the most powerful tools to fight generational poverty. Because of you, these kids have a brighter future ahead of them.


Statistics show that a staggering 10% of the global population are going hungry. The pandemic, economic hardship, climate change, ongoing conflicts, and natural disasters are just some of the factors contributing to wide-scale food insecurity. Closer to home, 1 in 7 Canadians are food insecure. Food banks and other food-related programs served over 5 million Canadians per month last year.

These numbers are expected to rise in 2023.

Together with your help, the Canadian Baptist family – Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada, l’Union des Églises Baptistes Francophone du Canada, Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, and CBM – has set a new goal of $100,000 to help ensure people have access to food in 13 different countries, including right here at home. Your support will feed people in Thailand, India, the Philippines, DR Congo, South Sudan, Togo, El Salvador, Rwanda, Kenya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Ukraine, AND Canada.

Let’s get Active in Mission this summer!
  • Register – Build or join a team of people who will take steps to end hunger
  • Choose a Date – We’re dedicating the entire summer to this! Your team can choose a timeframe in July or August that works best for you!
  • Fundraise – Invite your community to support you financially
  • Get ACTIVE! – Walk, run, dance, bike, swim, rollerblade, horseback ride, kayak, etc. Take photos and videos and post on social media using #AiM2023 and #AEM2023
Support local & global food security programs:
  • Providing food in Ukraine
  • Training on conservation agriculture in Rwanda
  • Skills training and goats to earn income in India
  • Nutrition workshops and small farm animals in the Philippines
  • Better farming methods for vulnerable populations in DR Congo
  • Canadian food programs in your neighbourhood!