Botros Ministry Update February 2023


Our family is safe and sound after the earthquake we felt here in Lebanon. Of course, nothing compared to what the Syrians and Turkish people experienced. For us, it has been a hard week, trying to cope with another disaster across the border. Our hearts are heavy! The question we ask: How long must we take counsel in our soul and have sorrow in our heart all day? (Psalms 13:2).

Botros Ministry Update February 20232023-02-27T11:10:28-05:00

Soucy Ministry Update January 2023


For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings. Hosea 6:6 Greetings from Guatemala! We are so thankful for dear friends and supporters who participate in this work. We consider it a great privilege to be in this part of the world, accompanying churches and communities working to build the Kingdom.

Soucy Ministry Update January 20232023-01-30T15:15:03-05:00

Lewis and Felain Lam Ministry Update January 2023


Dear Pastors, Prayer Warriors, and Supporters, Peace in the Lord! Greetings from Germany to our brothers and sisters in Canada. We hope you had a refreshing Christmas and New Year break. We remember each of you in Canada. We ask the Lord to grant peace and keep everyone safe, especially in extreme weather and snowstorms. The following is the ministry newsletter for the last quarter of 2022.

Lewis and Felain Lam Ministry Update January 20232023-02-01T12:47:48-05:00