Lam Ministry Update May 2022


The Covid-19 safety protocols in various states within Germany were gradually lessened since the beginning of March. The Chinese community, in general, continued to follow all the safety measures, though many still became infected. However, this did not stop the residents and believers from going on vacations during the Easter holidays. Life, in general, returned to “normal.” However, the post-pandemic economy was greatly impacted by the Russia-Ukraine war.

Lam Ministry Update May 20222022-05-25T14:25:39-04:00

Patty Nacho Ministry Spring 2022


This year started in a very different way. As a family we were getting ready to celebrate the first Christmas and New Year without my dad. My dad's absence has been felt so hard over the past year. And when we were ready to close that first year, my mom and my youngest sister got COVID for the second time. Since losing my dad to Covid, there were days with a lot of uncertainty and emotional pain. Thank God this second time their symptoms were very light, and both my mother and my sister recovered from the disease quite well.

Patty Nacho Ministry Spring 20222022-05-16T11:18:21-04:00

Dyck Ministry Update Spring 2022


Since our last update, I would say that our attitude has been cautiously optimistic, or rather, one of vacillating between optimism and caution. We made optimistic plans to return to Bolivia in February to set discipleship ministry plans in motion for the year and bring closure to some of our involvements (in person), but caution caused us to postpone our trip.

Dyck Ministry Update Spring 20222022-04-28T16:26:16-04:00

Soucy Ministry Update December 2021 English


This is love: not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. - 1 John 4:10 In the season of Advent, we remember to anticipate the birth of Jesus, the Messiah. While we wait, we do not have to be passive! We can move and act in love, even when it seems the good that we do will not change the outcome.

Soucy Ministry Update December 2021 English2022-01-11T09:11:30-05:00

Soucy Ministry Update December 2021 Francais


Voici en quoi consiste l’amour : ce n’est pas nous qui avons aimé Dieu, mais c’est lui qui nous a aimés ; aussi a-t-il envoyé son Fils pour expier nos péchés. 1 Jean 4:10 Au temps de l'Avent, nous nous rappelons d'anticiper la naissance de Jésus, le Messie. En attendant, nous n'avons pas à être passifs ! Nous pouvons bouger et agir dans amour, même s'il semble que le bien que nous faisons ne changera pas le résultat.

Soucy Ministry Update December 2021 Francais2022-01-11T09:11:28-05:00

Gato Munyamasoko Ministry Update November 2021


It is now one year and eleven months since I was sent by CBM to work with a new partner in Congo which is called “Baptist Churches Community in Eastern Congo”. This denomination had been split in two since 1997 until 2018 due to ethnic conflict where one group was called the majority and the second group the minority.

Gato Munyamasoko Ministry Update November 20212022-01-11T09:13:21-05:00

Xiaodan Ministry Update November 2021


Living with students, practicing discipleship and evangelizing at the same time – that’s what we do! Jesus invites people to share in his life and to live together with him. In our work with Chinese students, there are many such opportunities to share life with people, to be a role model, and to bear witness to God.

Xiaodan Ministry Update November 20212022-01-11T09:14:12-05:00