Africa Leadership Exchange

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This three-year project has been a partnership among CBM and four Baptist denominations—from Kenya, South Sudan, DR Congo, and Rwanda. A cohort of 16-17 leaders of these denominations (including at least one woman from each denomination) has gathered for an “exchange” of leadership challenges and formation. I have been privileged to

Pastoring of Pastor—Up and Running

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I (Bill) had been wondering what would have happened to the Pastoring of Pastors ministry in my absence, so I was pleasantly surprised when a pastor from a group that had only met a few times before we left greeted me with, “Welcome back. You’ll have to visit our group. We

Heart vs Spirit: An Academic Commits to Christ

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Believers often perceive seminary students as having a special, intimate relationship with Christ. However, Tina (not her real name) has a different story. She was a student in Asia, who pursued a variety of studies in literature, philosophy, and science. She was looking for an answer to life, but couldn’t find

Polisi Kivava Baudouin

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Serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo Polisi’s role as Relief and Development Specialist is to contribute to CBM’s overall success in the areas of Integral Mission through relief and community development and programming alongside CBM partners in the region. Polisi will provide oversight and support for the jointCBM and Africa church partners’

Lilian Yang

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Serving in the Golden Triangle Region Lilian Yang was appointed to the position of National Field Staff in the Golden Triangle Region in July of 2019. This appointment comes in response to growing ministry opportunities and increased challenges in the region as well as flourishing interests in mission partnerships from Canadian churches. Lilian’s

Joe Bridi

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Serving in Lebanon Based in Beirut, Lebanon, Joe Bridi works with CBM’s local partners to develop strategies for ministry and provide support to graduates of Arab Baptist Theological Seminary who are launching ministries in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. He helps monitor and evaluate existing projects, and provides implementation and reporting support for specific initiatives. Born and raised