Work as Worship Resources

This service resource package will help you unpack a theology of faith and work, and help you understand how you can join God’s mission and live out your faith, seven days a week.

Work and Worship Liturgical Resources

Sermon Outline and Notes

These sermon notes explore and unpack How God uses Daniel’s skills and labour in a foreign country to bring glory to Himself.

Scripture Reading: Gen 1:26-28

Polisi Kivava reads to us from Genesis Chapter 1.

Scripture Reading: Daniel 1: 3-8, 17-20

Darrell and Laura Lee Bustin read to us from Daniel Chapter 1.

A Procession of Symbols

This Procession of Symbols is meant to be the first liturgical element of a service, but it can be adapted to fit at other points in your service as well.

Responsive Readings

This set of two responsive readings will bring your congregation into a time of call and response, where they can reflect on God’s provision.

Prayer for Vocations

Written by Steven Garber
Produced by Park Cities Presbyterian Church
Film by Collin Sims

Prayer for Work

Terry Smith leads us in prayer for Work.

Prayer for Workers

Brenda Halk leads us in prayer for Workers.

Prayer for Workplaces

Michael Waddell leads us in prayer for Workplaces.

Prayer for Work

Prayer points for work.

Prayer for Workers

Prayer points for workers.

Prayer for Workplaces

Prayer points for workplaces.

Song: The Blood is Still The Blood

Daniel Bashta, Kirby Kaple, Jonathan Jay, Kenneth Leonard Jr., Chandler Moore, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Taylor Hill

Song: Yes I will

Eddie Hoagland,
Mia Fieldes,
Jonathan Smith

Promotional Video

Use this Promotional video to tell your co-workers, congregation or small group about Vennture.

Our quarterly email will guide you in integrating your faith and your work so that all the hours of your life can be infused with meaning and make a kingdom impact, no matter what you’re doing.


  • The Power of Ordinary Work
  • ‘Doing God’s Business’ video-based resource
  • Venture Toolbox and more
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