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About Us

Together equipped with faith,
we extend hope and act in love.

Together, we move out with confidence into the brokenness of the world with compassion, love, and humility.

Welcome to CBM. Together, let’s embrace a broken world through both word and deed.

At CBM, we are committed to responding to the brokenness of our world through God’s love, expressed in both word and deed. Our response to the love of God and his mission is rooted in the fact that he first loved us, and as a sign of our gratitude to him, we willingly and enthusiastically accept his invitation to join him in his shalom – peace with justice.

For almost 150 years, Canadian Baptists have witnessed the transforming power of the gospel through local churches around the world. We are so grateful for this ongoing work, and are committed to bringing hope and healing to those who need it most.

Jennifer Lau
Executive Director, CBM

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Our Mission

Partnering with local churches around the world to bring hope, healing and reconciliation through word and deed.

Our Vision

A broken world made new.

What we value

When looking to live out our beliefs, the question we should all ask is, do our values align with our actions? Our values should direct choices and inform behaviour. They express the core of our hearts. They determine the ways we interact and shape the ways we live and move in the world.

Here are the values that express our heart and inform our actions:


We follow with our heart, soul and mind, the one God in three persons. We confess our faith in Jesus the Christ, God’s revelation of himself. He is everything, and he is in everything. He supplies our needs for personal, experiential faith and transformational discipleship so that we may be like him. The work of his Spirit within us.


This happens in unity. The Holy Spirit draws local fellowships of twos and threes, and hundreds and thousands into a shared life – the means of grounding God’s presence among his people. These communities of worship are created for his mission in the world. They’re entrusted with the message of reconciliation. We boldly and confidently proclaim that Jesus Christ is the hope of the world. In him, God saves, redeems and glorifies broken people by grace, through faith.


We love God because he first loved us. He is the alpha and omega, eternal. His mission of love to build shalom – peace with justice – in a broken world. As a sign of our gratitude to him, we enthusiastically accept his invitation to join him in his mission. We are called to be global disciples, witnesses to his love and compassion.

Meet Our Team

Collage of CBM staff

Embracing Global Mission since 1874

When Canadian Baptist International Ministries and the Canadian Baptist Federation merged in 1995, Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) was born.

Since then, under the single banner of CBM, Canadian Baptists as a nation-wide community have collectively supported mission efforts globally.

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Collage of CBM staff

How we work

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Integral Mission

At CBM, we love God and we love his mission to heal a broken world. Our love for God and his mission is rooted in the fact that he first loved us and rescued us in our brokenness. As a sign of our gratitude to him, we willingly and enthusiastically accept his invitation to join him in his mission.

We are part of a global family of followers of Jesus Christ, we seek to bring hope in a world of poverty, broken relationships, environmental destruction, lost hope and every type of oppression. Our call is to radical discipleship as followers of Christ the King. The way we do this is through Integral Mission.​

Integral mission weaves together our words and deeds.  Through our words, we share God’s love and redemption offered in Jesus Christ, and invite people to respond by accepting the gift of a new life.  Through our deeds, we contribute to the healing and positive transformation of people and communities through physical, spiritual, economic, psychological and social programs.

We believe that both parts are essential, neither takes priority over the other. Neither should be done independently of the other. Each part is essential and necessary for the completeness of God’s desire for his creation.

Who We Work With

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One of the questions we love to hear from our donors is, “Why don’t we ever see ‘CBM’ and its logo on the side of vehicles overseas or on the door of an office?” The answer is extremely simple: We work with, for and through our global partners. Our goal isn’t to strength our ‘brand’ overseas of toot our own horn. Wherever we work in the world, our strategy is consistently this – build up local churches capacity to help heal a broken world through word and deed (see the section above ‘How We work’).

Partnership is intentional collaboration, where the co-participants share a common journey towards the accomplishment of a pre-determined purpose. Whether we are addressing spiritual, social, economic or environmental challenges, our partnerships are formed to undertake either a specific project (which is usually location-based and time-specific) or to develop a broad array of ongoing programs or activities.

Together with our partners overseas, we work together in a spirit of mutuality to determine the scope, style and scale of the activities at an early stage, and agree on how to implement the proposal.​ We often help our partners when they need assistance in building their local capacity for effective holistic ministry and sustainable programs. We work together to assess and improve one another’s ministries and are always ready to learn and receive, while we also seek to share in the gifts and resources we have. And when the task is completed and the time has come, we celebrate what we managed to do together.

Photo of two people working together to till land

Financial Integrity

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Faithful Stewardship
of Every Gift

Our careful stewardship of every donation and dollar entrusted to us extends to the practicalities of our work.

Our commitment is to be faithful to your generosity by directing as much as possible to the people and places God has given you a heart for.

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